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  Chachalaca Review, Brainard Bullion: Creative Consultant

.   Surfaces  Sentenced to Death by the Muse
  South Broadway Ghost Society,
Han’s Solo
  Zin Daily,  So Zoo Me

.   Sacred Misfits, a short-story collection published by Red Hen Press, available from Amazon

.   The Flatbush Review, “P.S. - an Epistolary Tale
 Fairy Tales and Folklore Re-imaginedBetween the Line Publishing, “Leap of Faith” and “Tarred and Feathered: An Urban Fable” 
.   Weather Beaten, A Literary Magazine,  “An Army of Frogs

.   Terrene,Mysterious Waters of the Naked and Nervous

.   Silver Birch Press,Screaming Mime

.   Ellipse, Replika Press, Berlin, “Exterminating Angel
.   Mocca Stories,  “Tarred and Feathered

.  67 Press: Exhibits,  “In the Shadow of Shame

.  Escapism,Visiting Tennessee

.  Tribe, “D.O.A.: Dawn of Agriculture

.  DoveTales: Refugees and the Displaced, “Sand Drifts

.  Newtown Literary, Model Behavior,” “Homo Bulla

.  Bull and Cross,Kiwi

.  Talking Soup, “Exterminating Angel

.  Dm Dujour, “Luna Lament”  
.  Narrow Road, Volume 2,  P.S.--An Epistolary Tale

.  Unlikely Stories Mark V, Great Britain, “Sand Drifts” and “Leap of Faith

.  The Ham, Issue 1, Great Britain, “D.O.A.

.   Itch, The Creative Journal, South Africa, “In The Shadow of Shame Parts 1 & 2

.  Deep Water Literary Review, Ireland, “An Army of Frogs”  

.  The Brooklyn Voice, “Tarred and Feathered: An Urban Fable
Brooklyn Voice, Meuconium Aspirations

.  With Painted Words, “Moroccan Midsummer
.  Men in the Company of Women: A Provocative Anthology of Praise & Persuasion (Volume 2), Amazon
.  Project Muse, Scared Misfits



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